⚡ APM Interview for Flipkart by Anushka Pathak

Interview experience with Anushka Pathak, APM at Flipkart

Deck Round: 10 slides on a problem with a product, 2-3 solutions, metrics and potential fail cases.

Online Round (Product Case): “Uber has recently received a lot of negative user reviews about surge pricing. How would you address this as a PM?”

Offline Interviews:

Round 1 (Product Case): “Should Flipkart enter the flight tickets market? How should we go about it?”
Guesstimated total number of daily flight users in India. Also discussed ways to increase revenue by using personalised product recommendations for the journey and Value Added Services like Insurance.

Round 2 (Product Thinking): “Design the login/signup flow for the Flipkart app.”
Designed a flow for slow internet, low digital exposure and literacy. Focused on reducing user friction. Discussed some data and security nuances as well.

Round 3 (Tech Round): Discussed the techstacks of projects on my CV. Discussed Image Search for Ecommerce - “In an image search, how to decide if the user wants the shirt the guy is wearing or the bottle he’s holding?”.

The interviews were very conversational and fun. Be structured and creative, and focus on customer empathy.

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