⚡ APM Interview for FloBiz by Nishit Bhatt

Round 1 - General discussion (30 minutes) - Why I wanted to become a product manager, What are my thoughts on the role of a product manager.

Round 2 - Take-home assignment (3 - 4 days) - If you are the PM of a cryptocurrency exchange in India and you want to increase the deposits of XRP in India by 20% what steps would you take and why?

Round 3 - Final round with Director of Products (2 hours) - What is your favorite product? If you were the PM of that product, what would you build and why? - Detailed case study style round which ended with looking at metrics, prioritization, and sketching out a rough wireframe of the final feature.

The advice I’d like to give aspirants is to start doing lots of product, design, and data case studies during your prep. Pair up with folks who are giving interviews, practice case studies, and do mock interviews. This will help you get into the mindset of asking the right questions which is super important.

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