⚡ APM interview for Groww by Samarth Chauhan

Shortlist - Was given a task (4-5 days) to recommend product changes/addition in Groww app.

Round 1 - With Co-founder

  1. I worked on a P2P camera rental startup. Problems faced in business and how did you solve them?
  2. Guesstimate total emails sent on Gmail everyday
  3. Frequently used products, figure out pain points for users. Suggest features, explaining reasons
  4. Swiggy is observing a drop in Average Revenue Per User, what might be the reason?

Round 2 - With CEO

  1. Favourite product (LinkedIn). How can you improve it?
  2. Estimate number of people giving an interview in the world at that moment
  3. How would you design Jarvis? (Iron man’s AI)
  4. Case study (on my startup experience), deciding prioritisation, success metrics and impact of the changes.

Round 3 - With SPM. This was a behavioural round, to check if I fit the company culture

  1. Why Product? How did you prepare for the role?
  2. Questions on product and SQL
  3. Strengths/weaknesses. Are you optimist/pessimist, atheist/believer?..
  4. If you had a startup idea and you’ve 100k users on-boarded, would you still work?

With CTO - About my investment, finance and tech knowledge. Gave advice on what to learn in the last semester.

Original Post: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/pmschoolx_productmanagement-activity-6699651441000357888-TR2u


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