⚡ APM Interview for Hevo Data by SALONI V

Round 1(Case Study Submission, Duration: 36 hrs): A deck of 2 case studies- company focussed. It tested my approach to Problem Solving and Strategy. It gave me an insight of the work at the Company.

Round 2(Interview with CTO, Duration: 1 hr): The interview began with a brief introduction, interests and why Product Management. It further went on to a case study wherein I was asked to come up with a plan to start a new business and we further delved into questions revolving around metrics and measurement. This case study was not related to the Company.

Conclusion: - Round 1 was a preview of Round 2.
What worked for me: A structured thought process- At the very start, take your time, ask questions and jot down all possible branches. As you go deeper into each branch, think crazy. If you can’t think of situations, ask questions. It really helps if you narrow down the scope of the question. And lastly, enjoy the process!

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