⚡ APM Interview for MyGate by Amrit karan singh


I came to know about MyGate when my society was onboarded to it. I was just amazed by the idea and ended up joining the Product Team at MyGate.

I wrote a blog about how I would improve MyGate. This caught the attention of the CEO and he actually called me for a conversation. I think it was one of the biggest deciding factors for me to secure a position of Product Manager at MyGate.

Blog Link :point_right: https://lnkd.in/dn-2iVv

Round 1 - HR round. Basic questions about where I work, location, current salary etc etc

Round 2 - By Product Manager on prior product experience.

Round 3 - By Product Head. What would you do if suddenly you found a metric drop in the conversion funnel of flight ticketing comapny? How would you approach if you are in charge of expanding geographical presence of your current organization?

Round 4 -Senior Product person. How would you monetize WhatsApp? What would you do to increase the session duration of LinkedIn users? If you were the Product Head of Amazon which are the top 5 metrics that you would see daily?

Original Post: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/pmschoolx_productmanagement-activity-6704727812269469696-wlmG


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