⚡ APM Interview for Nykaa by Shrey Gupta


Round 1 - Technical round - Interviewer (another APM) had given few SQL questions to solve where I had to share my screen and type the code in front of him. The questions were of moderate level. 1 guesstimate and 2 puzzles were asked. Further discussion based on CV and current work experience.

Round 2 - Technical Round with hiring manager (SPM) - Similar to round 1, the interviewer had shared few SQL questions to solve while sharing the screen. Had CV based discussions along with Product Management based questioning based on improving user journeys and experiences etc

Round 3 - Technical Round with other Manager (SPM)- Had a brief discussion based on CV and then an intense product based discussion and questioning related to new product ideas dealing multiple use cases to solve business problems, popular products of other companies and possible improvements in Nykaa’s platforms etc.

Summary: The focus was on testing the candidate’s design thinking and problem solving abilities with basic data handling and visualization skills.

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