⚡ APM Interview for Paytm Money by Aditya Dwivedi

Round 1: With GM, Product (45 mins) Some background, I was working on an algo-trading related startup of my own during college. (a) Discussion on what we’d built, what issues we’d faced etc. (since it was the same domain) (b) A detailed case study on how to improve a product, I was supposed to select any app which I used frequently, find out the pain points in the user journey and come up with a feature solution (I chose Bounce). Some touch base on UI intuition via on paper wireframing

Round 2: With another GM, Product (60 mins) (a) Why Product ? (Given I had built a resume suited for a Quant/ Trading role) (b) Discussion regarding my undergrad thesis (on Reinforcement Learning). I didn’t understand the point of it at first but it was meant to see how I explain complex tech in simple ways. © What we could improve in the Paytm Money app. (d) Guesstimate on how many people use a certain feature. Metrics to track it’s growth.

Round 3: With CEO of Paytm Money (30 mins) Discussion regarding my startup experience (More emphasis on people skills here, vendor negotiation). Then some ideas on where I think the industry is going.

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