⚡ Interview Experience with Nikita Agrawal, APM at LazyPay India

Interview experience with Nikita Agrawal , APM at LazyPay India

R1: CV discussion, why product & why LazyPay.

R2(Product Case): Should swiggy enter the alcohol delivery market? How should we go about it?
Primary metric for entry(always ask the metric): Revenue, Market sizing.
Discussed synergies, unit economics & competitors.
App design: Analyzed user journey & listed important features for user friendly app.

R3(Tech): Discussed techstacks of projects on my CV.
(Product Case): How would you increase avg. no. of transactions/user/month on LazyPay?Specify important data points to derive a credit score & how to get it through the app.
Categorised users into different buckets & analyzed the journey & drop off points through the funnel.
Solved for the major drop off point by giving detailed solutions on user retention(as prioritized).

R4(Guesstimate): How much cooking oil is consumed in Delhi/month?
(Product Case): How would you increase no. of books sold on flipkart/month?
What is your favourite product? List 3 things you like & don’t like about it.
How would you increase engagement on Instagram feed? List 3 metrics to measure it.

Always think structurally & empathize with the users while solving a product case.


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