⚡ PM Interview at RummyCircle, Games24x7

Interview Experience with Sonali Jindal

1st Round - With 2 Sr. PMs. Questions about my previous work exp. How/why it made me a good candidate for a PM role. Tested on Product thinking - Why hadn’t my previous organisation offered a certain service to its customers yet? Which feature would I like to offer to the users on Uber? The first question had not been that hard to answer because I had spent nearly 2 years at this organisation. The latter was difficult to answer. My answer prompted several follow-up questions from the panel that led to a long and challenging discussion, pushing me to think harder.

2nd Round - With another Sr. PM. It was inclined towards the HR side. Was asked questions about achievements I had mentioned on my CV, interest in games, strengths/weaknesses, etc.

3rd Round - With Director of Product. Started with questions about my internship. Was asked to explain the exact project I had received and my approach towards solving the problem statement. What is your favourite Product? What (and Why) are the improvements I will suggest? The interviewer then asked me if I had any questions, to which I asked a couple of questions regarding the responsibilities of a PM at Games24x7

4th Round - Friendly conversation with the Head of HR


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