⚡ PM Interview for Airblack by Harish Chakravarthi

Round 1: An initial introduction call with the Co-founder of the Startup where we introduced our backgrounds and motivation towards product management. I was told about the vision of the company and briefed about the responsibilities that I will be carrying out if incubated as an intern. He then asked me to think about their B-model and to come up questions if any for the next round.

Round 2: I came up with a series of questions regarding their working and the possible problems they might encounter to which the Co-founder patiently answered them.

Round 3: Take home assignment for 2 days. I was asked to design features, to develop a happy path and to identify possible edge cases for an internal product.

Round 4: Final review interview with the UX head and Co-founder where I was questioned about the deck. I was given possible scenarios and was tested for how I will react to them. I was also questioned about the success metrics of the product and how will I measure them

The take-home assignment is what I think really helped me differentiate my PM skills set. They were happy with the attention to detail and the exhaustive research I had made before coming up with the features for the product.

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