⚡ PM Interview for Bounce by Sid Puri

round 1 - With Group PM. Discussed my current role and a product case on a problem we have even today at Bounce - “How do I find out what parking spots in Bangalore are valid or not?”.

round 2 - With VP of Product. Background about who I was and why PM? This was followed by a 10 min discussion on - “If you were the Netflix growth PM for India, what would you do?”. At the end of the call, I was asked to do a write up on the same problem and bring it to my in-person interview.

Final Round - In-Person(3 hours):

  • With VP of Product - He reviewed the write up for the first 10 min. He said "I like the structure but I don’t think this would work. How about you flip this and look at the exact opposite solution? ". This was then followed up with a second product case - "If you had the grades of a 100 student class over a year and you had to give 1 student an award. How would you pick who to give the award to and why?
  • With Director of Product - Behavioural interview. Most questions were to check culture fit.
  • With CTO - Quick 15 min chat about my background and Q&A about Bounce

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