⚡ PM of the week Aditi Kothari, APM at Bounce

My story of getting into product management is made of seemingly disconnected moments, tied by time and honest effort.

I started as an engineer, and I still code, because you never throw away what you love. But even more so, I love solving problems. The first step to effectively solve problems is to understand them. And you can only comprehend so much without stepping out, hence I decided to get some skin in the game.

I began interviewing delivery agents, I accompanied them on deliveries and documented their world. I learned about their aspirations and realized that they had so many beautiful dreams. This landed me my first Product job in Rapido. As I further explored, I found that the problems in the mobility sector intrigued me, and Bounce was doing wonders in the field, so I reached out and started working there.

Back in college, I struggled to find direction, I did not know what I wanted. But when I found Product Management, it became my passion, and quite frankly my obsession. I am thrilled to have found something I would pursue, despite the times.

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