⚡ PM of the week Ashima Jain, APM at CarDekho

I joined CarDekho in April 2019 in the Alliances & Partnerships team (Auto-Finance) but one week into the job, I was given the responsibility to work on a digital Sales Enablement Solution for one of the partner banks

I happened to dive into that project right off the bat. At that time, I hardly knew what Product Management is per se, but I never got bogged down by the new challenges coming my way. Infact, I made use of a plethora of resources available online to get myself acquainted with the diverse facets of PM (research, engineering, QA, UI design, marketing etc.). A major part of the learning happened on-the-job and I was able to successfully launch the app few months down the line.

This successful stint gave me the opportunity to transition into a full time PM within the fintech division of company.

Over time, I’ve realised that as a fintech PM, you work not just on the product but on the complete business. The stakes here are high & every decision matters but at the same time this industry is ripe for innovation and thus offers exciting opportunities every now and then. Its going to be a long journey of learning and I am all set to experience the bumps on the road because best things in life never come easy!


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