⚡ PM of the Week Bharadwaaj Rajan, PM at Flipkart

PM of the Week Bharadwaaj Rajan (BD), Product Manager at Flipkart

I took an interest in Product Management when I was working on a data science engagement in Japan with a CPG company in my previous role at Mu Sigma. We were building a social listening tool to understand and track social sentiment for users around the globe. Without knowing it then, I had played the role of a product manager and I had a lot of fun doing it, so decided to explore more about it. That led to me to Flipkart via ISB. At ISB, I learnt a lot about the role as well as how to crack interviews with help from fantastic classmates who were all very accomplished in their own fields.

At Flipkart, I build products for the Supply Chain, ensuring a great fulfillment experience for our customers. I learn multiple things every day at Flipkart about the nuts and bolts of Product Management, whether it is writing well, or communicating better with stakeholders or prioritizing based on trade-offs or just learning more about how India shops :slight_smile:

I wrote about my learnings here (if it helps): (https://lnkd.in/d7KTxrP))!


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