⚡ PM of the week Naveen Ayyanchira, PM at Games24x7

My path into Product was not an easy one. I was an automation tester before joining ISB, and I lacked product building experience, which was preferred by companies and I was competing against candidates who either had PM or (product) Dev experience. I realised that I’d fall short on the product experience front; hence I started honing my ‘Product Mindset’. This entailed an understanding of how a PM should think about problems, which metrics should be looked at, how to avoid bias etc. Fortunately, I didn’t have to figure it out alone; I got a lot of help and guidance from my friends at ISB. We formed groups and discussed everything related to PM.

After strenuous preparation, I was able to crack the product interview and luckily got into the gaming industry, which is a really interesting space to be in. The users are highly engaged and often very vocal. I spend a lot of time thinking from the user’s perspective, not just in terms of functional utility, but how it fits into the entire user journey from online to the actual game experience. I am thrilled to continue in the PM role and deliver what a user needs while supporting the company’s goals.


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