⚡ PM of the week Priyanka Menon, Product at Purplle.com

I started my career in Marketing in User Acquisition. Things changed when I got the chance to lead CRM channels like push notifications, sms and email. Working at a startup opened the scope to work and interact with tech teams directly, which was a massive learning for me. Together, we built and scaled CRM channels by means of segmentation and personalisation and turned it into one of the most crucial business levers for my company.

I started getting the complete picture of a product lifecycle - Objective identification, Requirement gathering, Metrics to chase for performance and growth. This paved the way to pursue Product as a career option.

I went up to my CTO to be sure if I met the need to be a PM. The answer was positive. Having worked on building and scaling a product gave me a wholesome experience of product management.

That’s the thing about Product Management. It doesn’t necessarily need a person to have a strong tech background. Understanding of metrics and technical nuances can be a good head start. It’s about learning to speak two languages; one that the business understands and the other that the Tech team understands. This would prove to be invaluable to launch a career in Product just as it did for me.


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