⚡ PM of the Week Sneha Sultania, Product Manager at Microsoft


I am not an engineer, I have majored in Economics & Finance & being a product manager wasn’t the plan. My career path has been rather unconventional - I have worked at early stage startups, larger companies & my own startup, where I wore various hats - in building strategy, developing a business line, & acquiring new business.

On a work trip to San Francisco, I took up a course in product management, where I realised that there were already elements of product management in the roles I’ve had.

I convinced my then CEO with reasons why I would be a great fit for a PM role & technical depth was of course, not one of them. I also started consulting startups on the side to help define their product requirements & roadmap. My pivot became very organic.

In my interview with Microsoft 2 years later, I had real product stories to draw from.

Aspiring PMs don’t need to fit into the intersection of technology, business & design, but need to identify their superpowers & find creative ways to make up for the missing pieces.

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