⚡ PM of the week Sukrit Sarkar, Product Associate at Springworks (previously SpringRole)

We finished deployment in the evening. It was my very first big feature release as a Product Associate.

Yes, we were nervous when we deployed. Our fingers were crossed as our internal stakeholders started testing the features and it was certainly delightful to receive all the positive validations for the work we’d done. We gained confidence!

While our team checked on how our servers are holding I thoroughly looked at our analytics and map the influx of new information to check if our new announcements and popups are able to hook on our existing users to discover the new feature we released.

The best part of all of this is to feel the excitement within you rise up and fall down throughout the process. It’s exhilarating, it’s unique and that’s what drives me to try and do better every time.

Cheers to many more such releases and products coming ahead!

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