⚡ PM of the week Tejas Singh, PM at ShareChat

My journey towards Product is as unconventional as it gets. I don’t have an engineering degree, neither do I have any coding work-ex. After undergrad, I worked in a research and consulting role with several top Fortune-50 Tech clients; this set the foundations for my current analytical, communication and presentation skills. However, over time, I found preparing strategy decks and number crunching for clients unfulfilling – I wanted to do something that lied at intersection of business + tech. I also wanted to be at the heart of the action, execute on-the-ground and see the results of my decisions – good or bad. With this, I joined ISB, met a fantastic bunch of peers & alums, and through my interactions, discovered my passion towards Product. It’s serendipitous to now look back and feel grateful. I cannot even count the number of times I was told I was not fit for the role because of my background. But I kept at it. At ISB, I won several top national Product case competitions. My grit and passion helped me get my first Product role. Now, I get the greatest kick by learning something new about user behavior through data and talking to users. I think the best PMs are the ones that understand user psychology really well!


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